ProjektyL.U.M.E. - Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble

L.U.M.E. - Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble

Myślisz, że czasy orkiestr mamy za sobą? My myślimy inaczej. L.U.M.E. (Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble) to nieprawdopodobna orkiestra jazzowa z Lizbony kierowana przez Marco Barosso. Nie zważając na trendy zespół odważnie gra najprawdziwszy jazz. Bez owijania w bawełnę i brania jeńców. Właśnie wydają swoją trzecią płytę i świętują jubileusz 15 lecia istnienia. Poświętujmy z nimi!

L.U.M.E.’s (Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble) 3rd originals album is released on the 15th anniversary of the ensemble founded by Marco Barroso, that states Las Californias is an antidote for the world we’re living in today."
L.U.M.E.  // Las Californias


To be officially released in October 2021, at CCB, Lisbon, the 3rd authorial L.U.M.E.’s (Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble) album, Las Californias (by Clean Feed, with the support of GDA Foundation), reveals the creative bubbling essence of the ensemble that, since 2006, unites 15 jazz and classical music instrumentalists with the same vision: the search for unexpected and unlikely paths, in a permanent tension between composition and improvisation.

Foreseeing the album's release, L.U.M.E. (Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble) reveals its first single, also called Las Californias, with a video clip by Joana Linda, produced by L.U.M.E. Association.

Covering dissimilar states of mind - from the hedonist utopia of Las Californias piece, to the Schroomdinger’s artificial paradises, going through the dissociative delusions of Cleptofonie fantastique or AM phantasies’s surrealistic nostalgia of a pseudo-vintage world - the music of L.U.M.E.’s new album converges to an unreal landscape, of memories and lost dreams hovering over the rubble of an imagined reality. 

A project that continues their previous albums, dramatizing the practices and vocabularies of jazz, rock and classical music, simultaneously impregnated with its contemporaneity: a sort of antidote for the world we’re living in, nowadays.

Born in 2006, L.U.M.E. (Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble) released its first homonymous album in October 2010, through JACC Records, and its second edition in September 2013, by the Dutch label “Challenge” (Buzz Catalogue). “Xabregas 10” (2016), the second album, was released by Clean Feed and considered worldwide as one of the most original and defying music in the last years, by a band of this sort.Throughout the years L.U.M.E. developed an extensive Portuguese and international carreer, including performances in festivals like Jazz em Agosto, at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (2014) or Guimarães Jazz (2016), moers festival (2016) and jazzahead! (2019), in Germany, or Ljubljana International Jazz Festival (Slovenia, 2018). L.U.M.E. (Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble) is now constituted by Marco Barroso, composition, direction and piano, Manuel Luís Cochofel, flute, Paulo Gaspar, soprano clarinet, João Pedro Silva, soprano saxophone, Tomás Marques, alto saxophone, Mateja Dolsak, tenor saxophone, Elmano Coelho, baritone saxophone, Sérgio Charrinho, Jéssica Pina and Ricardo Carvalho, trumpets, Rúben da Luz, Eduardo Lála and Mário Vicente, trombones, Miguel Amado, bass and Vicky Marques, drums.  


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